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    Meet Siggy

    Siggy Flicker has never been one to follow the crowd. The Relationship Expert, Motivational Speaker, TV Personality and Author inspires others simply by having created a life doing what she loves to do, surrounded by the people that she loves to be around. Known for her straightforward and outspoken style, Siggy has always been the friend who others turn to for no-nonsense yet nurturing relationship advice as well as her impeccable matchmaking skills.

Her guidance—a potent brew of common sense, compassion, and just plain bull in china shop bluntness—is well known for cutting to the quick of anyone’s love troubles. So it was no surprise to the people who know her best when Siggy turned her natural talents and true passion into a full time career by joining Model Quality Introductions where she quickly rose to Vice-President of the matchmaking division. As if that would ever be enough for vivacious, larger-than-life Siggy. After tucking her experiences at MQI under her chic Ralph Lauren belt, Siggy graduated to TV, radio, and print platforms where she shares her message of self-assurance and empowerment with wide audience. Siggy’s professional opinion has been sought out by a variety of TV programs including The Today Show, Dr. Phil, The Wendy Williams Show, Access Hollywood, NBC Morning News, Fox & Friends, and many more. She’s also spoken out as a relationship authority on numerous syndicated radio shows throughout the country, and provided commentary on celebrity relationships for publications from US Weekly, In Touch Weekly and The Huffington Post to a an advice column with Marie Claire entitled “Single with Siggy.” And in 2016 Siggy released her first book, Write Your Own Fairytale: The New Rules for Dating and Relationships, and Finding Love on Your Terms (Penguin Random House). However, Siggy isn’t one for giving advice without taking it herself. In fact, Siggy happens to be the grand architect of her very own fairy tale.

“I lead by example because my experiences are my expertise.” ~ Siggy Flicker

Of course, Siggy’s own love story is just as unique as her methods. After having been married to Mark Flicker for eight years with two beautiful children, Mark and Siggy decided to get a divorce. To the shock of anyone who has ever ended a marriage they were able to separate without arguments, traumatized children, or a single lawyer. If that sounds unbelievable, Siggy managed to remain friends with her ex-husband and his family, and when Siggy married again, this time to “lid-to-her-pot” Michael Campanella, her ex-husband, Mark stood up in the wedding party as Michael’s best man. Page Six described the modern family’s unique situation as “extremely grown-up.” Now, clients and friends were asking for Siggy’s help in not only finding love, but also how to end a marriage without collateral damage to children, family, and their own peace of mind. It became part of what is now known as her “Divorce Done Right” mentorship.
Today, Siggy lives in New Jersey with her husband Michael, her daughter and son, and Michael’s two children as one big, happy, blended family. Her ex-husband Mark lives in New York and is a frequent visitor, along with his fiancée and their new baby boy, Liam. Siggy is currently, and perhaps most excitingly, a cast member on the seventh season of Bravo’s reality television series; The Real Housewives of New Jersey. When not filming, Siggy continues to tour the country as a motivational speaker where audiences find her energy infectious & inspiring; walking away feeling freshly inspired to improve both their personal and professional well-being.