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    RHONJ Blog – Enough is Enough!

    To all my wonderful friends & fans who have been private messaging me about the bullshit that has been circling around the internet. Thank you for all your love & support. If I could find a way to meet each and everyone of you in person, then I would & then there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Siggy Flicker is the REAL DEAL! There is nothing phony about me

except for a few body parts! That’s it! The truth is that since reunion Jacqueline and I have not spoken. There are certain bad bloggers out there that don’t take the time out to research their stories. They simply don’t care & will put out any bullshit story because for them, it’s all about “click baits” which makes money for them and not about telling the truth. There are some great bloggers out there who have been fair in their stories even when it doesn’t shed me in the best light. I would like to thank some of the great ones… The Real Mr. Housewife, thathousewivesguy, & AllAbout TRH, for always be fair & square. Let’s clear some things up……After reunion I was very hurt once again by Jacqueline! She once again stopped talking to me. I was once again receiving the silent treatment. The 1st time she did that was after Vermont. There was no reason for her to give me the silent treatment after Vermont. I had her back in Vermont & once again the proof is in the footage. I even left Vermont early! This time around when she didn’t speak to me after reunion, it was different for me. I was over it!!! I was not reaching out this time. I was exhausted from this friendship and felt that I was damned if I do & damned if I don’t! It’s that simple. Now all these bogus accusations are coming out. Please!!! I call BULLSHIT! I have done nothing wrong and I had Jacqueline’s back for 18 episodes & everyone has the footage to back this fact up. Usually in life, when you are done & speak the truth, the other side has two options. They are either going to apologize or they are going to come up with something not nice about you They are certainly not going to compliment you and say….”she’s a great person” or “she has great hair” instead they are going to rip you to shreds and say nasty negative things like in this case “phony” & “two faced”! I’m not surprised. As far as those false accusations of me playing both sides, I call BULLSHIT again! This season was about me getting to know these ladies for the first time & developing my own relationships with them including my favorite of all….Dolores!!! That friendship means the world to me. It’s so easy and low maintenance. I just love her. I also met Teresa for the 1st time at Rails during filming and we bonded from the moment we met. I adore her. From the very beginning I was not interested in taking sides. I don’t kiss anyone’s ass and I don’t care enough about their past issues to get involved. I judge my friends based on my own experiences. I have also witnessed plenty of people talking about Teresa before I even met her…I wonder why those people are being protected & all this venom is being taken out on me. I love all these women & never once did I do anything but lift them up. Once again the proof in the footage of the show & on any other show (Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey etc.) that I ever did! Anyone can google these interviews & it only proves and back up the facts ….I DID talk about Melissa before I had the chance to get to know her and I was wrong & I owned it on camera and off camera. We straightened it out. Melissa is a class act. She fights like a lady. We moved past it. That is what mature adults do. As far as Jacqueline, I wish nothing but the best for her. She is a wonderful mother & wife. We had some great times together over the past 2 years. I also thanked her 18,452 times for getting me on the show. I was a good friend but in the end I guess I couldn’t meet the expectations she had for me as a friend. I will always be grateful to all the fans for their love and support. It means so much to me. Lesson learned here……You can’t please everyone in life and just like they tell you when you are on an airplane that in case of an emergency put the oxygen mask on yourself 1st before you help others, I did just that and I stand behind that. I am not going to sacrifice my health or happiness for any friendship. My plea to all of you is…. don’t believe everything you read with certain bloggers! Be Leaders. Not Followers! Listen to your gut instincts. There is fake news out there. There are apps out there today that can create fake tweets, fake text messages & we all know about all the fake accounts that certain people create with 5 followers or less in order to spread hate & to bully others. It’s just not nice. At the end of the day, I try to avoid conflict and certain situations because I know that with some people, it isn’t going to make a difference. I don’t want to lose hours of my life that I will never get back. When you get to be a certain age, you lose your patience for drama. I’m a lover and not a fighter. I don’t like confrontation. Sue me. Hang me from a pole! I am all heart & soul & every single one of you witnessed that this season. THAT’S ALL FOLKS! I am now getting back to my family, friends & life. Peace to all. Happy Holidays. Siggy XO