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    RHONJ Blog – I am on #TeamSiggy

    Not everyone is going to understand my journey, and that’s fine. It’s not anyone else’s journey to make sense of – it’s MINE. I’ve had so many people asking me whose side I am on in this ongoing battle between Jacqueline and Teresa. The answer is simple: I’m on TEAM SIGGY! The purpose of life is to LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE and I do just that!

I am no one’s puppet. I take pride in the fact that I am a leader, not a follower! I have my own opinions and no one should get mad at me for those opinions. Although it would have been wonderful to see Jacqueline and Teresa put an end to their bickering, it just wasn’t meant to be. Anyone who has watched this show this season knows that I have gladly had Jacqueline’s back through every single episode. (For the record: she NEVER asked me to defend her. That was always MY choice.) I have thanked her over & over again, just recently on The Wendy Williams Show. Jacqueline was the one who told me that when I met Teresa that I would love her and she was right – I do! At the end of the day, it’s all about chemistry and energy. Certain people bring out the best in you and some can bring out the worst in you! Although both of these ladies are lovely on their own, the Jacqueline and Teresa era is officially OVER! After so much time, energy and effort spent, I’ve finally come to realize that these girls don’t belong together; the chemistry just doesn’t work. What it boils down to is neither one of them wants to be friends and they are perfectly happy without each other. I have too much going on in my life to spend another minute focusing on drama that has nothing to do with me. DONE and DONE! If you’re struggling in a relationship, and truly want to resolve your issues, always remember: YOU CAN’T BRING UP THE PAST IF YOU WANT A FUTURE – It’s that simple! Only when you leave the past behind you can you move forward. Siggy XO