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    RHONJ Blog – It is all about fresh perspective!

    There are two types of women in this world: women who purchase something fabulous and keep the details to themselves, and women who want to tell you exactly where they bought it and for how much. I am unapologetically that girl who will lead you to the goods. I wrote a book (Write Your Own Fairy Tale) and it’s true … I want you to read it. Why? Because I practice what

I preach and I know it works. I could just keep this information to myself, but seeing other people happy makes me feel fulfilled. I believe that positive energy is contagious and I intend to keep spreading joy wherever I go. If you know your worth and surround yourself with good, genuine people that truly believe in you, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t accomplish. YOU CAN LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT! Shhh … I’ll let you in on a little secret! I’m excited to say that I set my dear Dolores up with a wonderful man and the relationship is going fabulously! After a little “Dating Detox” and “Siggy Boot Camp,” my girl was ready to take the plunge. She now knows her worth and feels incredible. If you don’t hold yourself up high on a pedestal, no one else will!!! GO, DOLORES!!!!! I’m so passionate about this message, and spreading it is one of several reasons why I agreed to join the cast of the RHONJ this season. The other reasons: I wanted to bring light to a show that just kept getting darker and darker, to use my expertise to attempt to help everyone mend their broken relationships, and I also wanted to show the rest of the world that New Jersey is CLASSY! For years, loyal RHONJ viewers have been witness to never-ending drama and fighting. There’s been table flipping, name-calling, hair pulling, and threats made. I’m not here to take sides or partake in anyone else’s drama that has nothing to do with me. However, I will do whatever I can to help fix it (if my advice is welcome, of course). One of the reasons I’ve been so successful as a relationship expert is that I am an empathizer – I can see where each of these individuals is coming from, and what’s keeping them from uniting. Although their personal situations are all unique, the bottom line with each and every one of them is: FAMILY ALWAYS COMES FIRST. I respect this so much, and I consider myself beyond lucky to call all of these women my friends. I’ve made it clear with each of them where I stand in all of this, and they have all graciously accepted and honor my wishes. Although I may not go out looking for drama, I do occasionally have drama that pops into my life. I CHOOSE TO DIFFUSE it instead of entertain it. If Felicia continues to knock at my door, I’ll gladly let her in … and good luck finding her body parts! I may be kind and classy at heart, but if you want to bring me the B.S., the Jersey Girl in me will NOT tolerate it. There’s no room for negativity in my life – and there shouldn’t be in yours either. I will not change for anyone or anything. I love being a leader and I’m proud of what I bring to the table. I receive countless emails everyday – the majority of them are people thanking me for the advice I have to offer and for the positivity and light-heartedness I’ve brought to the show. I’m so glad that Dolores and I have been able to bring a real friendship, real emotions and real opinions to the RHONJ. I hope that you can appreciate that, too. Siggy XO